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Best Latin Artists
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Best Latin Artists
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Best Latin Artists
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Best Latin Artists

best Latin artists and performers who call Europe home

You have found the preferred label for the best Latin artists and performers who call Europe home.

Latin music has its home on both sides of the world. To many fans, the phrase “Latin music” refers to performances by musicians and entertainers in Latin American countries.

Their sounds evoke great diversity, everything from Brazilian bossa nova and Mexican ballads to the wealth of songs from the Spanish-speaking islands of the Caribbean. Others recognize the important transitions to Latin music when it became popularized in the United States, especially since the 1940s. Salsa music, Latin ballads, bolero, reggaetón, and Spanish renditions of American pop and rock music broadened the spectrum during and since the twentieth century.

At Cantilena Records, we bring you back to the early roots of Latin music while understanding that the diverse artists performing Latin music today do not limit their talents to a single country, region, or border.

artists from Spain

The tunes of the Iberian Peninsula performed by artists from Spain and Portugal form the origins of this genre.


Dating back to the earliest recordings, Spanish and Portuguese musicians have captured the essence of life along southwestern Europe.


Their tunes reflect not just love and life in Madrid, Lisbon, and Barcelona, but also the heartfelt sounds that the rest of us understand as their neighbors on the Continent.


Too often, the focus of this genre has been exclusively on musicians originally from Latin America, or those who infused the North American music scene with Latin flavor.


We are here to capture the sounds that originate on the Continent from those who have contributed their voices and performances to this highly acclaimed genre.

play tunes

We work with many musicians who compose and play tunes that cover the spectrum of Latin music.

play tunes

The merging of Old and New World influences gives Latin music a distinct flavor that resonates, inspires, and covers the airwaves.


At Cantilena Records, we attract the best talent among Latin music performers based in Europe and create the stage for them to share their talents with you, regardless of where you live.


We bring their vibrant sounds, their romantic ballads, their guitar solos, and their lyrics that make you want to sing and dance to them in your home.


Why Cantilena Records?

Our founder, Jeroen de Boer, has been involved with the entertainment industry for many years. Founder of a crypto trading and online casino’s companies as Wunderino Casino, Sunmaker Casinocasumo deposit bonus and gratis gokkasten pagina, เล่นไพ่ออนไลน์เว็บไหนดี that offer different slot machines and other casino games like teen patti. Proprietor of numerous restaurants and nightclubs in Amsterdam, he has long recognized how great food, spirits, and songs come together. In 2011, Jeroen de Boor’s love and appreciation of Latin music took shape after he married Mariella Espinosa, a native of Columbia in South America. The following year, in 2012, he founded Cantilena Records. Ever since then, our array of musicians has expanded into many areas of Latin Music.

Based in Amsterdam, Cantilena Records has grown during the past five years into a preferred venue for Latin performers who live in Europe. Rather than became another label in the already established and saturated markets of Latin America and North America, we celebrate our homegrown performers and sounds that other labels often overlook or ignore. We have created the studio and soundstage for our artists to perform their music, songs that would otherwise never have a chance to be heard in such a broad market.

Latin music performers

Although we focus our attention on Latin music performers based in Europe, we do so with global ambitions. Through our distribution network and well-established connections, we bring the music of our performers to the entire world. Some companies choose to compete by going into a crowded place and trying to compete by struggling to offer more of the same.


At Cantilena Records,

We have chosen a different path: We look for, work with, and promote the best Latin musical voices throughout Europe, bringing their fresh and vibrant tunes to listeners through the airwaves, digital broadcasts, and other venues. This website is proudly sponsored by casinos con licencia en espana. Make sure to check out their site.