About Us

Cantilena Records has a short but proud history. Jeroen de Boer is a common name in Amsterdam’s restaurant, nightlife, and entertainment scene. Residents and tourists alike enjoy popular venues he has built from scratch and turned into first class destinations. Always looking for new opportunities, de Boer grasped the potential of the internet and e-commerce many years ago. With the advent of the internet, he funded online ventures including Kroon Casino and Oranje Casino, both of which gained great value and were later sold to the Betsson Group, a publicly listed corporation. As his original businesses continued to grow, de Boer developed a newfound interest and love for Latin music after marrying Mariella Espinosa.

Jeroen de Boer founded Cantilena Records in 2012. He did so with a simple and important purpose: He sought to create an opportunity for unknown or underappreciated yet talented performers of Latin music so that they would have a place to record their music, have it professionally captured with the best digital equipment, and marketed to venues throughout the rest of the world.

Cantilena Records did not try to bully its way into the long-established markets for Latin music performers who already have contracts and promotions with labels in Latin America, the United States, or Canada. Why should we diminish our capital trying to buy out performers who already are established when nobody has noticed a market that we believe will reshape the entire industry in the future? Rather than following the crowded path, Cantilena Records decides instead to tap the often-overlooked yet incredibly talented performers closer to home, on our Continent, who will play an increasingly important role in the industry for decades to come.

We listened to their songs. We love them. Now, we help to share them with the rest of the world.

How do we do it?

Cantilena Records maintains a state-of-the-art studio in a historic building near the prestigious Willemspark neighborhood of Amsterdam, just a short walk away from the beautiful landscape of Vondelpark, a large park with a world renown outdoor theatre and near other amenities in our beautiful city. The close proximity of numerous cultural venues, including the museum with the largest Van Gogh collection in the world, offer visitors to our studio a great canvas for their inspiration.

Once inside our building, performers will find everything from a high-quality acoustic studio that captures their vocals and instruments with crisp clarity, to our marketing experts who will help them understand how we will market their musical skills to the broader world. Our team knows the industry, with many of them having experience at other labels in both North America and Latin America. They know the markets in Europe, as well as how to reach out to media sources in countries throughout the Americas. Our team also can work with digital content providers who know the best way to bring your song from the studio to places musicians may never have dreamed of as they started their careers.

Our commitment to the musicians we partner with is complete. Their hits are successes we celebrate at Cantilena Records.