Online Casino’s and Musical Entertainment

Latin music is a very popular genre, especially in the Spanish-speaking islands of the Caribbean. Since Cantilena Records is specialized in this particular kind of genre, more and more companies are requesting customized Latin music that they can use as a part of their own corporate identity. Recently we’ve noticed that especially online casino’s are happen to be knocking on our door. They would like us to produce music for their games, with the focus on the online games that includes a Spanish theme. We will not produce any music for the game itself, but for the promotional campaigns that online casino’s like to use to promote a certain kind of game to their online players. We never considered to record music for this type of industry, since we didn’t knew that there would be a market for this. Now that we are aware of this fact, we will expand our recording studio by including this extra service for this industry.

Entertainment is the key when it comes to success. In order to run your business successfully, you need to add a little fun to the product or service. We at Cantilena Records like to do that with music. Latin music comes in many different ways and feelings and that is why this is the most ideal genre to use as background music. With the help of Latin music you will be able to create various emotions, atmospheres and concepts. Without good music, the feeling of the theme and concept would be completely misplaced, which will eventually lead you to the drop of customers. Since the music is so important to include in your advertisements, campaigns or commercials, it is also important to consider good and professional artists that can help you provide the music you’re looking for. Cantilena Records is only working with the best artists such as Melania Ybanez and Banda Gigantica.

Now that we included the gaming industry in to our musical services, we immediately started with several projects. For our first project, what will be for an online casino that is located in the Caribbean, we are working together with Caribbean Fusion. Their Cuban bolero music will be used to promote an online slot machine on the platform of the online casino. After this project is finished, we will continue with another project together with La Vida Valenciana. Because of their specialty in ballads, we would like to record a more calmly song for another popular slot machine. We make sure that we always discuss the concept and feeling of the promotion in order to translate it in to a recording. Besides working for online casino’s, Cantilena Records is always looking for new Latin talent. Our recruitment team will soon be heading to Havana, Cuba, to find more Latin performances to work with.

If you happen to be a Latin singer and if you would like to work with a record label that could provide you a high-quality acoustic studio and the best instruments, you should contact our studio to discuss all the possibilities. We can turn your dream into reality and start your career very shortly!