Our Artist

We work with a number of artists who hail from Europe. Below are just a few of the artists who are on our label.

Banda Gigantica: This “giant” of Mexican banda music brings you the brass and percussion ensemble of instruments that fills venues in faraway places like Oaxaca and Chiapas in Mexico. Formed in 2002, Banda Gigantica brings together eight members of the Menendez family who never lived in Mexico but fell in love with the tradition of banda music. Regularly performing in nightclubs and concert venues in Europe, they bring their favorite banda songs to you here.

Caribbean Fusion: Ever listen to Cuban bolero music? Well, if not, it’s time for you to experience the flair of Caribbean Fusion, the quartet of David Randall, Julia Messina, Roberta Cancion, and Bob Thomas. Though none of them ever lived in Cuba, their musical journey took them from their native English, Dutch, and Spanish roots to many tropical destinations. They formed this band in 2004, while all of them worked as performers in Cancun, Mexico. Experience the beautiful music of the tropical islands and salsa through the streets of Havana!

Melania Ybanez: A native of southern France, Melania rediscovered his family’s Spanish roots while learning to play guitar as a young girl. Today, she composes flamenco music that has been embraced in Madrid, where she now lives. Flamenco, a traditional music and dance of Spain, has experienced a rebirth in recent years as artists such as Ybanez have taken the traditional form and reinvigorated it with new flair.

The Martinez Brothers: Toby Martinez and his brother, Esteban, took a long journey to the recording studio. Natives of the Bahamas, they learned to appreciate the love of salsa from their ex-pat parents who fled Cuba in 1959. Ultimately, their journey of musical awakening took them to west-central England, where they played salsa and rhumba music in, of all places, small pubs in Hereford, Gloucester, Bristol, and Bath. Though the journey may seem odd, the results were phenomenal as you will discover when you hear their new takes on a popular Latin musical form.

Hombres del Norte: David and Oscar Regalado, originally from Texas but longtime residents of Brussels. bring you the polka- and accordion sounds that may resemble their central European roots. But they spice them with a different tune, mixing them with the NorteƱo sounds that are popular among Mexican-American immigrants in the United States. From their rural roots in a farming community of southwestern Texas. they bring you a popular musical form that they have perfected while living in Belgium since 1994.

La Vida Valenciana: This band from Valencia brings together five millennials who sing about the roots of their homeland. Marcos Hernandez, Isabella Perez, Roberto Jimenez, and the “gemelas valencianas” (Valencian twins) of Maria and Estrella Nunez bring you their songs that capture the history and heritage of southeastern Spain. Though much of their music talks about Valencia, their ballads also bring you Spain’s Mediterranean islands and transport you across the lower Iberian Peninsula.