Our Music

The music we support crosses many sub-genres of “Latin music,” an all-encompassing term for one of the most popular brands of music on our planet. Below are some albums that represent this melodic diversity:

“Canciones de Nuestra Herencia” (“Songs of Our Heritage,” released September 2016): Performed by La Vida Valenciana, a band based in Valencia, the seven songs on this mini-album celebrate the heritage of southeastern Spain and the Balearic Islands. Traditional verse combines with Mediterranean flair as you hear songs from the Iberian Peninsula in a way that refreshes and reinvigorates.

“Anglo-Salsa” (released July 2016): Toby and Esteban Martinez bring you their take on salsa with a little touch of the English countryside. The Martinez brothers sing about life in England with a strong infusion of salsa and rhumba, merging their British, Afro-Caribbean, and Cuban ancestry into songs that take you from Havana to Hereford, with lots of dancing along the way! Along the way, their songs in English and Spanish transport you to everywhere from Dominica and Jamaica, to the Latin quarters of many cities in the Americas.

“From Mexico con Amor” (released January 2015): Experience the rich tradition of Mexican banda music as performed by Banda Gigantica. The Menendez family, led by patriarch Raul Menendez, has played in Mexico over the years, but their roots are in central Spain. They learned to love Mexican banda from songs shared with family who had moved to Mexico years ago, perfected their tunes, and bring you nine amazing songs they performed at concerts in 2014 and 2015.

“Norteño and Proud” (released May 2014): The Regalado brothers, David and Oscar, grew up in a farming community in southwestern Texas, hours from El Paso but closer than ever to Mexico. Both left Texas as children, but kept their roots close to their heart. Each arrived in Europe in the early 1990s, reuniting in Brussels, where they formed Hombres del Norte in 1994. This album, one of the first released by our label, celebrates the borderlands of the Americas by bringing you one of the distinct forms of rural music from that region, Norteño, that is now embraced in urban areas throughout the world.

“Funky Flamenco” (released September 2015): Melania Ybanez puts a new spin on an old form of music and dance. She merges “cante” (singing), “toque” (playing the instrument), and “baile” (dancing) in her performances, and when listening to the seven songs on this album, you will feel as if you are witnessing the folklore of Spain and Andalucia. Soon, you may find yourself dancing in the streets as if you’re on a dreamy vacation in Madrid.

“Bueno Bolero” (released April 2017): One of our newest albums brings you four Europeans who met in Mexico while playing for crowds at a Caribbean resort. They came together, bonded, and banded together as Caribbean Fusion. Although they played the Caribbean resort standards, they also captured the excitement of crowds with their lively bolero tunes. This album, with nine songs that bring you over to the streets of Havana and Matanzas, where bolero is the heart and soul of the community.